About Us
We are here to manage your claim with our expert Knowledge and Experience

Our Senior Team have in excess of 45 years’ experience of Innovation Tax incentives, with a 100% success rate.

  • Our Technical Experts help identify compliant activity, and streamline the claim process using their industry expertise.
  • Our Financial & Tax professionals have previously worked in large accountancy firms, finding their niche in this area of corporation tax.
  • Our Operations Team manage the end-to-end process, and are the central port of call to ensure that the claim process runs smoothly.
  • Our experienced Business Development team are here to identify the opportunities and incentives available.

Our Approach 

Our approach ensures your Research & Development Tax Credit, Capital Allowance and Patent Box claims are both thorough and robust and will adapt to suit your business commitments, maximising your claim entitlement whilst minimising the efforts required by you and your team. This helps our clients secure the highest level of funding possible.

Our experienced team of R&D Advisors, Chartered RICS Surveyors and IP Experts, compromising of tax and technical specialists across all industries ensures our clients benefit from our specialist knowledge, with results evident through our work. We set ourselves and our staff high standards, so our clients can be assured their claims are in safe hands and any risk of an HMRC enquiry is mitigated through our rigorous quality assurance process.

We provide continual training and development to our staff via weekly one-to-ones and monthly workshops to maintain our high standards and offer expertise which will be difficult to find elsewhere.

Managing Director

Sachin is a co-founder and Managing Director of Innovation Tax Specialists, assisting companies to claim innovation tax incentives from the Government. Having previously held a number of senior sales management positions and with a proven track record for increasing turnover and driving success, Sachin has nearing ten years’ experience of the R&D Tax Credits scheme, during which he has helped over 270 companies reclaim a combined £38 million in tax benefit. With a background in Law from De Montfort University, his passion to help innovative businesses resulted in the creation of Innovation Tax Specialists.

Tax Director

Taz is a co-founder and Tax Director within Innovation Tax Specialists. He has eight years’ experience in tax reliefs available to innovative businesses such as R&D Tax Credits, Patent Box, Capital Allowances and SEIS. He uses his experience to lead our Accounting Partner programme, ensuring that reliefs such as R&D can be identified and efficiently claimed though a defined claims process. Taz also oversees the financial and tax aspects of the work undertaken by our R&D Technical Experts. This involves offering support to the team and delivering training internally, as well as externally to our Partners. He previously worked in large national accountancy firms in Audit and Corporation Tax. This led to a keen interest in the Innovation sector and the motivation to establish Innovation Tax.

Head of Compliance & Quality Assurance

Hitesh is a former HM Inspector of Taxes with over 23 years of experience in HMRC, most recently in the R&D Tax Credit Unit at Leicester, one of only 5 administering the regime nationally. During his tenure, Hitesh’s primary responsibilities were to ensure claims were compliant, identify error and fraud, train other members of the team on the R&D legislation and advise on policy, together with hands-on exposure to the HMRC Enquiry process. His background has delivered a wealth of invaluable experience to Innovation Tax Specialists, helping to ensure that each claim undertaken is both technically compliant and robust and fully maximised in value against the latest legislative criteria.

How Innovation Tax incentives
help your business to thrive
  • Innovation Tax
    We meet (or call) you to discuss your business, the qualifying criteria and how they might impact on one another.
  • Innovation Tax
    We conduct a thorough assessment to ensure your activities comply with the legislative requirements
  • Innovation Tax
    We work closely with your key personnel to gather technical information regarding the compliant project(s) and the source financial data to support the expenditure incurred, which together forms the basis of your claim
  • Innovation Tax
    Report compilation
    & review
    We draft your claim report and forward you a copy for review to provide reassurance that the content is a true representation of your entitlement to claim.
  • Innovation Tax
    QA and Submission
    Once you’re happy with the draft report, we conduct a internal Quality Assurance check to ensure all legislative requirements are satisfied. You’ll then receive a copy of the final report, whilst we liaise directly with your accountant to make the formal submission to HMRC.
Innovation Tax