Accounting Partners

Working in partnership with Accounting firms is an integral part of our business.

Innovation Tax work as the preferred supplier to many accounting practices for R&D Tax Credits, Patent Box, Capital Allowances and Grant funding services to deliver client value-add by ensuring their clients are benefitting from all the government funding they are entitled to.

Clients trust their Accountants to get it right

·The accountant is the clients’ most important adviser who understands their intricacies and uses this knowledge to provide valuable professional advice. Furthermore, clients rely on you to inform them of the incentives available to maximise financial return and to mitigate tax liabilities.

At Innovation Tax, we understand you have other client priorities to focus upon and therefore offer you our specialist expertise to successfully assess and compile fully compliant and maximised R&D Tax Credit, Patent Box, and capital allowances claims, ensuring your client is satisfied and nurturing their confidence in you as their chosen advisor.

Working with us will complement the services you currently offer, increasing both retention rates, revenues and promoting opportunities for new client acquisitions.

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Innovation Tax compliment the services Accounting firms already offer

Several high-profile cases have recently appeared in the national press involving possible ‘conflicts of interest’, primarily where accountants are generating high levels of non-audit / consulting income from audit clients, highlighting the importance of using independent specialists (such as Innovation Tax) to ensure the service is focused and free of objectivity.

By partnering with us, the specialist knowledge that we possess in this niche area of government innovation tax incentives allows accountants to ensure their clients continue to get the best advice and service available. We offer full flexibility in how you choose for us to work together so you can be sure that, whether it’s providing free consultation advice, or expertly handling their R&D Tax Credit claim, to helping your client access grant funding for their projects; Innovation Tax Specialists are your partner of choice.

Our Working In Partnership Programme

Our Working In Partnership Programme is individually tailored to suit each Accounting firms’ specific requirements. Although the majority of our accounting partners choose to utilise our pillar-to-post claim management service as it leaves them free to focus on other client priorities, others simply rely on us for our expert consultative advice.

Our unrivalled methodology is designed to deliver the best experience and outcome for your client, with the minimum of effort on their part; 

  • 1
    Identify all potential areas of compliant activity and expenditure
  • 2
    Conduct Technical and Financial assessments to validate and justify the claim
  • 3
    Compile a robust,
    fully supported
    claim report
  • 4
    Liaise with HMRC to expedite claim approval and settlement (typically within 28 days)
  • 5
    Handle any HMRC queries which may arise


Please contact us to find out more about the benefits of our Working In Partnership Programme
we would be delighted to talk with you.