Affiliate Partners

Our Working In Partnership Programme provides added-value to your members & clients

At Innovation Tax, we take pride in building long-term, sustainable relationships with organisations seeking to add value to their current service offering.

Our Working In Partnership programme delivers a valuable, end-to-end, member service.

As a trusted advisor, providing value to your members is essential to enable them to grow and become more profitable. By partnering with Innovation Tax, we ensure your members benefit from their full entitlement to Government funding, across all Innovation Tax relief schemes such as R&D Tax Credits & Patent Box, together with Capital Allowances and Grants. We can also help your members identify, protect and commercialise valuable intellectual property. 

Our engagement terms are very cost-effective. We work on a fully-inclusive success fee basis to handle your member’s innovation tax incentive claim or grant funding application, keeping you updated at each stage of our process; and are happy to offer all our affiliate partners a reward for the time and effort invested in identifying suitable clients.

Innovation Tax works with many organisations to provide value-added services to support and assist companies, which has led to an increased awareness of Government funding schemes. Resulting in improved retention and a unique service offering for our partners to attract new members.

Working with a credible advisor has become even more important recently, due to a magnitude of new service providers offering a variable and often questionable quality of advice. Our reputation and experience is unrivalled and is supported by many of our affiliates and partners for which testimonials and references are available on request.

Affiliate Partners, Affiliate Partners, Innovation Tax
We manage the entire claim (or grant application) process from pillar-to-post. Our unrivalled claim management methodology is designed to deliver the best experience and outcome for your member, with the minimum of effort on their part. 
  • 1
    Identify suitable prospects
    and make an introduction
  • 2
    Qualify client by confirming
    eligibility and engage
  • 3
    Conduct assessment to compile
    robust, fully compliant
    claim reports
  • 4
    Submit claim to HMRC,
    for assessment
    within 28 to 42 days


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