Innovation Tax can still help

It’s just possible that your company is one of more than 40,000 who are already claiming R&D Tax Credits. Nevertheless, Innovation Tax could still help you recover costs for compliant activity which may have previously been overlooked.

One of the attributes that sets Innovation Tax aside from the competition is a drive and desire to fully maximise your entitlement to reclaim costs incurred in undertaking innovative activity, enabling us to repeatedly ‘uplift’ the value of claims previously submitted by other service providers, so ensuring that you receive the maximum possible benefit for your considerable efforts.

What do Innovation Tax find that other providers miss?

The causes of under-valued claims are many and varied and, at Innovation Tax, we’ve encountered most of them; overlooked activity is the worst case, where entire projects have not been considered. More often than not, the shortfall in benefit arises from a failure to fully apply the financial aspects of the legislation to the compliant activity discussed.

So whether it’s indirect activity, connected subcontractors or disposable gloves, Innovation Tax cut through the legislation to correctly identify every element of compliant expenditure that can, and should, form a part of a successful and robust claim.

How Innovation Tax drives success

We have a drive and desire to do the very best we can for all our clients, but we recognise that intent alone is seldom enough. Therefore, in order to support our conscientious and enthusiastic approach, we do all we can to ensure that everyone who represents Innovation Tax – from Sales all the way through to Operations – is kept fully up-to-speed with the current legislation, thus ensuring a unified and consistent approach to the service we provide.

Our Senior Management Team have a combined total of more than 45 years’ experience of Innovation Tax Incentives, one of whom spent 23 years working as a Tax Inspector with HMRC, most recently in their R&D Unit in Leicester.

How do Innovation Tax go about uplifting a claim?

All we need in advance of a meeting with your lead technician(s) is a copy of the report for the previously submitted claim you want uplifted, financial statements and tax computations. Having digested the content of the report, we then meet with you to discuss those areas where we feel we can justifiably increase the value of your claim, together with any other areas of compliance we believe may have been overlooked completely.

And best of all, you only pay us a contingent fee for the value of any additional benefit we find, for which we support the revised claim through to HMRC approval.

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