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Grant funding helps businesses to thrive

Grants are a valuable source of Government support which accelerate ambition and realise vision for businesses across a wide range of sectors, helping start-ups to grow and established businesses to scale-up.

Since it does not need to be repaid, grant funding can significantly contribute to the company’s ongoing growth without having to part ways with any equity.

Innovation Tax provide a bespoke range of grant services, from one-off funding consultancy to end-to-end management of the funding and fundraising process, enabling companies of all sizes, industry sectors and locations to identify, apply for and successfully tap into the large range of grants and subsidies available.

Grants are available through various grant awarding bodies such as:

Innovate UK


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Government Departments

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Horizon Europe

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Industrial Strategy Council

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European Innovation Council

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Council / LEP Funding

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Activities which may qualify for Grants

Innovation tax continuously monitor the market for funding competitions and opportunities available to UK companies.  Aside from the project meeting, the scope and the eligibility of the grant competition being applied for, the project aim must be novel and either directly responding to a challenge or result in the development of an innovative solution.

Activities which can be supported by grant funding include innovation, expansion, capital investment, ground-breaking platforms/technology, AI, composite materials, healthcare, sustainability, low carbon initiatives and many more.

Our expertise is on hand to help you submit a winning bid

Direct access to Innovation Tax’s dedicated specialist bid writing team will boost your chances of success by ensuring your business is funding-ready, guiding you though the process, structuring the application to the highest standard and helping draft the application with input from your team to ensure all costs are in scope and fully justified.

Whatever level of support you require, Innovation Tax are here to help maximise the probability of successfully securing the funding you need to innovate and grow.


Business Opportunity – What drives the innovation and market need?

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) – Has this been considered in your project plans?’

Innovation – What is innovative / novel about your solution?

Market – Which market will your solution solve and how will you target this?

Exploitation -How will you commercialise the solution and within what timescale?

Benefits – how will your solution provide wider economic, social and environmental benefits?

Project Plan – How will you manage the project and turn your idea into reality?

Team & Resources – Do you have a well balanced and experienced team to deliver the solution within the given timeframe?

Risks – What are the main project risks – technical, commercial, managerial, environmental?

Finances – Does the project represent good value for money and are your costs reasonable and fully justified?

Need for Funding – What other funding sources have been tried and why is public money necessary?

Business Opportunity – What drives the innovation and market need?


Week 1

Week 6

Identify a suitable
project and align to
grant competitions
Assess your eligibility
and confirm project is in
Engage and hold
briefing session for your
Commence drafting of a
winning application
Review, Validation
& QA

Week 6

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